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Which printer is more Professional for bottles?

Which printer is more Professional for bottles?
As UV printing machines become more and more popular in the market, people have more and more requirements for the printing range of UV printing machines. For example cylinders like bottles, Erlenmeyer flasks, lipsticks, etc. Demand for such cylinder-like bodies has also increased. However, although ordinary UV printing machines can print cylindrical products after they are installed with tooling, the printing speed is not fast, and they often cannot meet their demand for output. In order to meet the needs of customers, we have been updating our technology, so the UV printing machine specially designed for cylinder printing has been successfully developed by us, his name is UV Cylinder machine. 
Let me introduce you to our UV Cylinder machine for you. 
  1. Machine introduction
UV Cylinder machine is a printer specially designed for the printing needs of normal cylinders, cone, and other cylinders in various shapes. Relying on the organic combination of unique software and a professional conical printing device, the UV Cylinder machine can achieve 360-degree seamless rotation printing, providing a printing effect with clear and delicate picture quality and high color reproduction.
UV Cylinder machine is widely used in all kinds of glass, ceramic, metal, plastic products: including Various glass bottles/cups, thermos cups, cans, lipstick tubes, and other products, with high-quality imaging effects, highlight the extraordinary texture of the products.

2、What he can do?
Print speed:Print a 3.14-inch bottle is around 60 seconds.
Print model:  white, color + varnish printing
Ink color: BKCMYW and Varnish.
Print head: EPSON F1080/ Ricoh G5I
Printing accuracy720*720DPI
Machine size:1160MM*870MM*1800MM
Machine weight:200kg
Print length:40MM270MM

3、 Compared with the normal UV Printer
In usually If you want to print cylinder products in UV Printer,You need to use the tools to help you fix the products. Then the UV Printer can print on the cylinder products. Just like that.

And the UV Printer needs 6-8 minutes to print one bottle, compared with the UV Cylinder machine. It looks a little bit slow.
Then UV Cylinder machine only needs about 60 seconds to print a 3.14-inch bottle. The print speed increases several times faster, just like this.

Then the general UV Printer is a Flatbed printer. It is not be designed for the cylinder. If you want to print irregular cylinders, we need to replace a tumbler tool. 
But the UV Cylinder machine can perfectly adapt to all kinds of right-angled and conical cylindrical surfaces, easily adjust the printing angle, and quickly switch the printing cylinder. 
So if we want to print cylinder products, the UV Cylinder machine is more professional and suitable. It can meet the high requirement of the daily output. 

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