Focus Inc. STARFIRE-62U UV DTF Printer With Laminator All-in-One Specifications

Item No.: Focus Inc STARFIRE-62U
Focus Inc. STARFIRE-62U UV DTF Printer With Laminator All-in-One Specifications .UV DTF is a process by which you use a UV printer to print to UV DTF sheets. Instead of printing directly to hard objects. Great for irregular materials, curved materials, an
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UV DTF works on UVTRANSFER printers, or any UV printer that has enough channels to print CMYK + W + Varnish.
UV DTF combines the technologies of UV and DTF. Utilizing UV printers and UV ink, you can print to UV DTF  sheets, for transferance to hard objects (even curved objects).
UV DTF is a cutting-edge solution at the intersection of UV Printing Technology and DTF Printing Technology. Instead of printing with UV ink direct to substrates, you can print with UV ink (and varnish) to UV DTF Sheets, and then through a 2 step process, transfer your UV prints to your substrate. Instead of using your UV printer to print directly to hard objects (which could be limited in production, owing to only being able to print to 1 object at a time, or limited to materials that are not iregularly shaped), you can print insetad with your UV printer to UV DTF  Sheets, 1 image at a time, or multiple images at a time, essentially creating a UV printed sticker. Then simply peel and transfer your UV "stickers" to your hard objects. Great for irregular materials, curved materials, and ultra-tall or very large materials, that otherwise may not be possible to print directly to).


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Focus Inc. STARFIRE-62U UV DTF Printer With Laminator All-in-One Specifications
Printing method    Piezo ink-jet technology
Print head Standard cofiguration    3/4pcs*F1080/DX11/i3200 U1 Piezo print head
    Number of nozzles    F1080: 3240 staggered,  180 x 18 rows  (180 x 6 rows per each head)
   i3200 U1: 9600 staggered,  400 x24 rows  (400 x 8 rows per each head)
Jetting frequency    21.6~43.2kHz
Drop volume    3.5-12.5pl (Variable data single drop & multi drop) 2~4 Grayscale
    Print resolution (dots per inch)    F1080 Head: 720*1200dpi; 720*1800dpi,720*2400dpi;
   i3200 U1 Head: 720*720dpi; 720*1080dpi,720*1440dpi;
    Print Head mainten technology      Auto keep wet cap station system & Clean flashing during printing and idle
    Laminating     Laminator Type    Automatic eletronic Laminating after printing
    Laminator Roller motion    Laminator roller Electronic up down motion control under 25mm distance
    Lamimating temperature    0~100℃ Adjustable
Media type Roll feed media    Roll type AB Film, Golden &Silver film, paper, Canvas, leather etc with thickness less than 3mm
Media Maximum printing width    600mm Width X, Roll feed Y no limit
Transfer media Garment transfer    Mug, Cups, Glass, Metal, Acylic, Ceramic, Leather etc.
Film Feeding Automatic Release    Automatic tenssion release roller
Film Take up Automatic Take up    Automatic detect electronic take up Roller for Film C and Film after Laminated
Film vacuum system Automatic adsorption    Automatic adsorption aluminum vacuum table
Film size Roll type    600mm*100meter/Roll
Ink Type    UV dtf type ink series
    Color    F1080 Head:  KCMY LC LM+White+Varnish+*(Glue optional)
   i3200 U1 Head:  KCMY + White+Varnish+*(Glue optional)
Ink tank capacity    500ml per each color
Ink process unit White ink Stirring    Automatic white ink stirring system
White ink circulation    Automatic white ink circulation system
Dimensions Machine size         Printer:  70.9(W) × 39.3(D) × 58.2(H) in.   (1800 × 997 × 1477mm)                    
Packing size    Printer packing:  77.2(W) × 52.0(D) ×36.6(H) in.   (1960 × 1320 × 930mm)                    
Weight Net weight    605 lb (275 kg)
Gross weight    869 lb (395 kg)
Working Environment Temperature    59 to 86 °F (15 to 30 °C)
Humidity    40 to 80 %
    Working Power    450W
Included items    Enthernet cable, cleaning kit, USB Flash of software etc.
Connectivity    Enthernet cable
Power requirements   10A Single-phase 220 V, 50HZ
Software System Requirements
Print control System    Windows® 7/10 (64 bit)  Recommend
(Bundled) CPU    Intel® Core™ i5, 2.5 GHz or more
RAM    8 GB or more
Video card and monitor    A resolution of 1,152 × 854 with 16 bit color or higher
HDD    Install space 1 GB or more
   Working space 100 GB

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online tutorial video 1-Print parts instruction

online tutorial video 2-Release the printer

online tutorial video 3-Load the film

online tutorial video 4- Install the print head

online tutorial video 5-Fill ink to ink tank

tutorial video 6-Fill ink to ink damper

tutorial video 7-Control and RIP software installation

tutorial video 8-Control software instruction

tutorial video 9-Head cleaning and nozzle check print

tutorial video 10-Print head calibration

utorial video 11-Photoshop spot channel process

tutorial video 12-Rip a job for print

utorial video 13-Roll to roll UV Dtf print and transfer process

utorial video 14-Daily maintenance
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Oct 27, 2023
Hi. I would like to receive a sample sheet and pricing and detailed information on your equipment.
Rami Khairallah
Sep 06, 2023
We are looking for Three machines : 1- Printing on microphone pads 2- Printing on Lanyards 3-Badges printing we need your support please.
Benjamin Chiu
Aug 31, 2023
Hi there, I am interested in adding UV DTF to our production line. Can you tell me more in terms of price and also some transfer samples? Regards, Ben
Myat Mon
Aug 13, 2023
Hi, do I want to know the price of the two printers. Please send via email for more details. I want to buy it to Myanmar.
Mariella ige
Jun 10, 2023
I want more information please
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