Focus Inc. Corrugated carton cardboard paper bags single pass direct to packaging printer

Item No.: Focus Inc. Cobra-691s Printer
1. Print up to 610mm wide, 20cm tall, 80m/min top speed.
2. Rotate PLC touchscreen 180° for flexibility.
3. Print directly from JPG/TIF files, no RIP needed.
4. Utilize thermal foam printheads, such as HP451/HP452/HP-fi1000.
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Focus Cobra-691s Printer Application: Design Customize Personalize Single Pass Carton Printer Packaging Printer Machine

For Boxes Printing Machinelike Corrugated box printer, Cardboard box printer, Carton box printer, Pizza box printer, Bagasse box printer, Medicine box printer, Flower Box printer, Gift box printer, Mailer box printer, Cake box printer, Folding box printer, Cosmetic box printer, Paper box printer, etc.

For Bags Printing Machinelike Shipping bag printer, Shopping bag printer, Coffee bag printer, Tote bag printer, kraft paper bag printer, Nonwoven bag printer, Coffee bag printer, Bread bag printer, Jute bag printer, Canvas bag printer, etc.

Also Many Absorbent Paper Material Printing Machine, like Paper cups printer, Cup wraps printer, Envelope printer, Coasters printer, Cards printer, Napkin printer, Tissue printer etc. 

With Focus Inc. Newest Roll to Roll Add-on System on Printing Machinecan print with roll to roll material as stick label printer, magical money printer, funny money printer, toilet roll paper printer, etc.

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Corrugated Printer Specifications:


Technical Details:





Printing sample:

Magical Funny Money Toilet Roll Paper Printer
(With Focus Inc. R2R Add-ON System)


Shopping Bags Printer


Tissue Napkin Printer


Carton Pizza Box Printer


Corrugated Paper Cup Wraps Cup Holder Printer


Coffee Bags Printer


Super Width Corrugated Cardboard Printer



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Focus Cobra-691s Online Installation Tutorial Video: Chapter 1: PREFACE ↑
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18 Steps Manudfacturing Workflow

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Focus Cobra-691s Single pass direct to packaging corrugated box printer Online Tutorial Video series:

Online tutorial video 1: Preface

Online tutorial video 2: Spare parts instruction

Online tutorial video 3: Printer Function Explaination

Online tutorial video 4: Friction feeder paging machine Instruction

Online tutorial video 5: Release Printer

Online tutorial video 6: Fill ink

Online tutorial video 7: Software Instruction

Online tutorial video 8: Nozzle check printing

Online tutorial video 9: Print head Power cleaning

Online tutorial video 10: Print head Calibration

Online tutorial video 11: Print a job

Online tutorial video 12: Daily maintenance


*Tips: Please contact with Focus support team for more information. Technical details are subject to change without publication. Thanks for your cooperation.


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Nov 10, 2023
Hi Just want to get information regarding focus cobra 691 prices also guarantee and after sales services.
Ernesto Otano
Nov 01, 2023
Cotización de impresora focus cobra 691S
Peejay deogaygay
Sep 24, 2023
Good evening. Please give me pricing details of your Focus cobra 691s single pass printer.
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Sep 11, 2023
I am interested in Focus Inc. Cobra-691s . Please share me further details regarding it. Thanks
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