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Focus Combo-Jet A3 UV printer

Uv lamp system: 6 power degree adjustable system  
Print color : CMYK+LC+LM+6W; CMYK+LC+LM+4W+2V
Uv power : 100w  
Print direction:Unidirection / Bidirection  
Uv lamp life time:50000hours  
Print speed:A3/180S  
Uv light wave length:390-400nm  
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Combo-Jet, Color your media, 

Color your work, Color your life  

Top selling automatic a3 UV printer machine embossed new technology flatbed led UV printer a3 was specially designed for you who want to get an industrial printing speed and commercial printing result, special for you who want to get a vivid color result and high density of white ink printing.

Ultraviolet lamp system: 6 degree power adjustable system
Printing color: CMYK + LC + LM + 6W; CMYK + LC + LM + 4W + 2V
Ultraviolet power: 100w
Print Direction: One-way / Two-way
UV lamp life time: 50000 hours
Print speed: A3 / 180S
Ultraviolet light wavelength: 390-400 nm
Max. middle thickness: 16cm
Cooling type: water circulation
Max. media weight: 15 kg
Max. print resolution: 5760 * 1440 dpi
Control software: FocusRIP-UV8.2.6
Ink volume: 250ML
Repeat printing precision: 0.1mm small overlap
Ink type: environmentally UV ink
Head maintenance: head clean after printing, wet system
Adjustable height: manual / automatic
Ink system: ink damper refill system
Print Head Protection - Intelligent Auto Detect
Max. print size: A3 +: 350 * 500mm
System requires: Windows
Print head: two DX10
Printer size: 90 * 91 * 52cm
Head technology: micro piezoelectric direct inkjet technology
Packing size: 110 * 110 * 75cm



Jul 20, 2022
Veuillez me communiquer SVP les tarifs des Imprimante UV Focus Combo-Jet A3 et A2. Vous remerciant par avance. Cordialement.
Govind Art service
Jul 01, 2022
Iam interested this purchase Uv printer
Jun 07, 2022
hello i m interested to buy A3 uv printer please shere cotation . in this mail
pat kenny
May 31, 2022
I am interested in uv printing . does. a substrate in , uv printing ,need to be pre treated costs of ink how easy is it to keep from clogging.
May 10, 2022
hello we are Smart Supply trading company .. from KSA , Jeddah .. please share with us a quotation of Focus Combo-Jet A3 UV printer Best Regards,,, Sami
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