FOCUS Alpha-Max 6250 UV Printer

The A2 Alpha-Max 6250 UV printer is a new type of machine that is technically upgraded on the basis of the A2 Alpha-jet. It uses 3 pcs Eps i3200 printheads, with a print size of 62 × 50cm, suitable for commercial or industrial printing production.
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Focus A2 size Alpha-Max 6250 UV Direct to Substrate printer  

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Q1.Are you a manufacturer or just a trader?

A1.We are a manufacturer, our own factory located in Shenzhen, and two branch offices in Shanghai and Shenzhen. With the R & D team, we provide create-oriented unique UV and DTG printers with all clients. We are committed to provide high-quality, environmental-friendly UV and DTG printers, devoted ourselves to technological innovation.

Q2.What materials can this printer print?
A2.It can print on ceramic, metal, glass, wood, acrylic, PVC, plastic etc.

Q3.Can the UV printer print varnish and embossed effects?
A3.Yes, please contact us, would like to show you the beautiful effects.

Q4.How about the warranty?
A4. We provide a 13-month warranty, excluding print heads and ink system.

Q5.Do you provide spare parts and ink too? Where can I get them
A5. Yes, We can also provide you with the original spare parts

Q6.This is my first time to print, will you support me?
A6. Sure, we provide the tutorial videos, manuals. And our engliness will provide you with online guidance.

Q7.Does it can print bottles?
A7. Yes, it can.

Q8. Is the printer equipped with an automatic cleaning system?
A8. Yes, it can perform automatic cleaning.

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Focus Inc. Alpha Max-6250 i3200 U1 Specifications
Printing method PrecisionCore MicroTFP Piezo ink-jet technology
Print head Standard configuration 1~3pcs of EPSON i3200 U1 heads
Number of nozzles 3,200 staggered, 400 x 8 rows
Jetting frequency 43.2kHz (Binary), 21.6kHz (4 levels)
Drop volume Binary: 5 pl at 43.2 kHz
3 levels gray scale: 6, 12.5 pl at 21.6 kHz
4 levels gray scale: 3.8, 6.2, 9.3 pl at 21.6 kHz
Max. droplet height 1~10 mm gap MEMS technology depending on ink
Print resolution (dots per inch) 720*600dpi 720*900dpi 720*1200dpi 720*2400dpi Uni-direction/Bi-dirction
Print Head protection technology Auto carriage anti-scratch sensor & electromagnetic detect kit
Print Head mainten technology Keep wet cap station system & clean &Flashing during printing and idle
Media optimize technology 2pcs ionizer eliminator to remove static on media
Media height detect Automatic gap detect Parameter input & electromagnetic kit
Media Maximum printing area 24.4 (width) × 19.6 (length) in. (620×500 mm)
Maximum thickness 7.87 in. (200mm)
Maximum weight 92.4 lbs/m2 (42kg/m2)
Ink Type UV Curable Ink, Solvent, Aqueous
Ink tank capacity 500ml per each color
Ink process unit Ink supply system Automatic refill positive pressure
Ink filt system 10μ filter damper
Ink curing unit Cooling technology Water circulation cooling
Curing technology 405nm UV-LED lamp * 3pcs
UV lamp power Total 3pcs: 850W (400W*2pcs+50W*1pcs Adjustable)
Media vacuum system Vacuum power 800W
Vacuum area Full flatbed area adsorption
Vacuum control Electronic button switch control
Add-on jig kit (Optional) Electronic Rotary jig Diameter 12mm~200mm adjustable
Custom design jig Available
Dimensions Machine size 45.7 (W) × 31.3 (L) × 30.0(H) in. (1,162×794× 763mm)
Packing size 50.4 (W) × 35.9 (L) × 37.1 (H) in. (1,282 × 914× 943mm)
Weight Net weight 440 lb (200 kg)
Gross weight 649 lb (295 kg)
Environment Temperature 59 to 86 °F (15 to 30 °C)
Humidity 40 to 80
Connectivity Ethernet cable
Included items Ethernet cable, cleaning kit, USB Flash of manuals and installation videos, Ink filter
Rated Working power 480Watt
Power requirements 15A Single-phase 220 V, 50HZ
Acoustic noise level 63 dB (A) or less
Software System Requirements
Print control System Windows® 7/10 (64 bit) Recommend
(Bundled) CPU Intel® Core™ i5, 2.5 GHz or more
RAM 8 GB or more
Video card and monitor A resolution of 1,152 × 854 with 16 bit color or higher
HDD Install space 1 GB or more
Working space 100 GB

1).Lipstick tube rotary printing by focus Alpha max DTS uv flatbed printer with i3200 uv print head

2).Focus industrial DTS Direct to Substrate Alpha-Max 6250 UV printer toilet seats printing:

3). Magic cube uv printing by Focus Alpha Max 6250 Industrial UV flatbed printer:

4). Oil paiting canvas uv printing by Focus A2 Alpha max 6250 UV printer:

5). Wood carving flower UV printing by Focus Inc Industrial UV flatbed printer with industrial i3200


6). Wooden champagne box UV printing by Focus Inc Alpha Jet Max 6250 UV dts printer:

7). FOCUS ALPHA JET A2 MAX 6250 Industrial direct to substrate and rotary mug bottle uv printer:

8). Online installation tutorial video:

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